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About Claire

About Coach Claire I was born on Coast Salish Territory on the mainland in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a child I was heavily into Psychology; particularly self-help books, as well as the Occult. Sensitive, quiet and observant, reading was a large part of how I spent my time. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and then bullying later on in my childhood and youth, I used books to understand, inform, and disconnect me from some of the things happening in my life. As part of an older family, I learned early on in life what it was to lose close loved ones, and witness grief and mental illness in action. Through that, my parents and I formed a tight knit bond, even in our dysfunction.

Finding purpose and pleasure has been a life-long journey, and one that is a family pattern it seems. In my late teens and into mid twenties I developed an eating disorder – one that I’d later find out is directly related to early childhood trauma and body dysmorphic disorder. I held a deep internal belief that something was inherently wrong with me and this played out in all of my relationships. Eventually I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and really only through a terrible break-up years ago was I able to put words to what I had been feeling and experiencing for years.

A few years ago over Yule/Winter Solstice I decided the world needed more LOVE. The platonic kind! The dominant culture, ie Patriarchy, deems touch as something only lovers can do, but this has created isolation and confusion – so as a feminist, and someone who feels the effects, witnesses the effects in others, I saw fit to offer a solution: platonic cuddling. Thus, Cuddle Ventures was born. That led me down the rabbit hole and into sex coaching.

It’s been a dream come true studying Somatic Sex Education here on Vancouver Island. Pleasure activism is so necessary, regardless of your life experience. Consent culture – Expressing choice and voice, feeling the glory of our ‘FUCK YES,’ and our ‘FUCK NO’s has had a deep impact in every facet of my life to date. I credit Caffyn Jesse, Captain Snowdon and Corinne Diachuk with holding such incredible space for all of us, their students, to BE OURSELVES FULLY.

Currently, my studies are in continuing to plug away at my Somatic Sex Education studies, as well as a year long Life Coaching Program through the International Coaching Federation, run by Inner Glow Circle. My other qualifications are: Professional Cuddler, 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Bachelor of Science (Biology)

Continue to watch this website as it grows. I plan to launch both a group coaching program, as well as 1:1 coaching packages in the very near future.

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