April 4 2019 - Under Construction

Welcome to my new blog! Here I’ll talk about witchy things, tarot, astrology, the law of attraction, Human Design, physics, yoga, sexual health, sex education, sex coaching, spirituality, social justice, and many other topics that intersect. My hope is for us to connect over these posts and for you to see what I’m all about as a coach and as a being in this human meat sack.


It is important to note that I live on unceded Indigenous land in the Lekwungen Territory, as well as Wsanec Territory here on Vancouver Island.

Recently, my website has been updated. You’ll continue to see it evolve as I grow in my work as a sex and life coach. YES I’m still offering professional cuddling sessions, reiki and sensual massage. If you’ve got questions or requests, of course you can email or use the Contact Form under Contact. (it is up above this post in the menu)
Soon I will have an application up for those interested in longer term coaching packages. A major part of my studies and interests as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Body worker are in Pleasure Reclamation and creating expansive ritual around our self-pleasure practices. Too often I see/hear many of us stuck in a pattern of shame and guilt, which forces habit and prevents us from experiencing new forms of pleasure… Screw that!

Expect the evolution to continue. More updates coming your way!


Coach Claire

April 18 2019 - Witches, Sluts and Feminists OH MY!!!!

I am all of those things on the front cover. Not for your pleasure, but for mine! Owning those labels hasn’t always been easy or fun.. However, Ive learnt that dominant culture wants me (and you, and you, and even YOU) to play small, to feel shame around our desire and stay in a zombie like state working for pennies, forever bound by the whims of patriarchal society.

Instead, I have chosen to #alchemizemy #joy, create #ritual around my desires in all areas of my life, be LOUD about how to create these things and MORE in YOUR life, and say F@CK the patriarchy while doing it!😈

#Privilege and power dynamics screw with our ability to vocalize what’s necessary to create the change we desire. What is aching to come to the surface inside of you? What has been kept from the light, that is screaming to be let out from the darkness? Did you know you’re 💯 percent #worthyof living your absolute joy?😊

… And I’ve created a pleasure reclamation course (twelve weeks, twelve conference calls, twelve exercises, seriously uplifting love in a strong container with amazing sisters to support you) where we discuss all this and so much more….!) Start date revealed SOON and pm me for deets! (Womxn identified only at this time)


Coach Claire