How To Cuddle

How Our Cuddling Service Works.

Let’s define Cuddling

“Cuddling is to hold someone close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection.”
or… “lie or sit close and snug.”

Sometimes it’s an emotional release, sometimes it’s tea and closeness and talking through, sometimes it’s spooning in silence, sleeping or watching a movie. Regardless, the outcome of cuddling is the release of oxytocin which translates into a sense of calm and peace for all parties.

      More About Cuddling

You love a good old hug.

Learn about the Science of Hugs: The Most Undervalued Gift You Can Give.

The Power (and Science) of Cuddling

Skin-to-skin touch is one of the most powerful feelings on the planet. For many, there is nothing better than getting a shoulder massage from a friend, a foot rub from a lover or a cuddle session from a partner….

Understanding Consent Culture

The AVP consent workshop is intended to provide folks with the education, skills, and opportunity to understand consent.

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