Dress Code and Behaviour

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Dress Code

Men: Regular Day Clothes, Pajama Sets w/Top & Bottom or equivalent. No shorts when Cuddle Sessions take place in bed or lying down. Men must wear a shirt. No nudity.

Women: Regular Day Clothes, Pajama Sets w/Top & Bottom or equivalent.  No shorts, skirts or gowns when Cuddle Sessions take place in bed or lying down. No lingerie. No nudity.



please ensure you have showered a few hours or directly prior to your appointment with Cuddle Ventures. Limit perfumes and colognes to very little or none.

Inappropriate Behaviour

This is defined as sexual comments, inappropriate touching, gyrating, thrusting, etc as defined in the Client Service Agreement. This will result in either the cuddler leaving, or you being asked to leave, or criminal charges depending on the circumstances and severity of behaviour.


Cuddle Ventures is a consent-based, platonic, NON-SEXUAL and completely LEGAL service which aims to provide the highest level of comfort and service to its clients. We value both client safety and security as well as our own so we do not share information about your identity.

…What does this mean?

We require Photo ID at time of session and that you sign a Client Service Agreement.

Anything that is discussed is confidential, much like the relationship between physician and patient, psychiatrist and patient.

If we meet at HQ, we will be monitored via camera. If we have traveled to you, someone is aware at all times where we are and are close by for the safety of all parties involved.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions please ask or see our FAQs page.

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