Coaching, Cuddling, and Massage Offerings



One hour of cuddle time.
An hour of friendly, platonic touch and conversation that is 100% confidential. No matter why you’ve sought a cuddle session with Claire, you’ll leave renewed, refreshed and relaxed. Yay endorphins!

$150/hr or $600 for 4 hours.

Somatic Sex Education Sessions
Claire works one-on-one with clients to expand their self awareness, re-pattern trauma held in their bodies to access arousal and deepen their feeling of pleasure. Through body based exercises and mindfulness practices, Somatic Sex Education fills the gap between traditional talk therapies and massage, offering clients the ability to learn effective communication skills, boundary setting, consensual and enthusiastic and consensual one-way touch. To see if this is right for you or to check availability, send me an email:


$150/hr or $600 for 4 hours.
Erotic Massage – Let’s Explore
A full body massage where we can explore how all kinds of touch feel on (or in!) your body. This service is for ALL BODIES (Every body is beautiful) and can incorporate edging, (orgasm, climax and ejaculation control) spanking, and mutual massage. (I enjoy sharing in the experience when it feels good – it must be discussed before the session and consented to, and is limited to external touch only).

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Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your cuddling and healing needs.

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